​​​​​​​​​​​​Patricia Gonion

Hairstylist & Photographer

 What's my professional title?

Master Hairstylist, Lifestyle & Model Photographer

& Makeup Artist

I have immersed myself in continuous

education on all aspects of the Beauty Industry.

My professional skills include, creative hair color,

haircutting, hair extensions, wigs,  

full fashion makeup and photography. 

I love my industry. I love photography.

Both which I can combine the two worlds beautifully.

 Every single photo you see on my site today, I have

photograph and/or did hair, makeup and wardrobe.

I am the creator.

The opportunities working with clients, hairstylists,

models and photographers, has been a huge success

to my growth these past decades.

My gratitude to all.

Thank you for your visit.